Profoto ProRing Plus UV Ringflash (300514)

Profoto ProRing Plus UV Ringflash (300514)

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Weight: 1.800 Kgs
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Profoto ProRing Plus UV Ringflash

If you want a lightweight ring flash without modeling light, choose the ProRing Plus.

Popular with fashion photographers for its freely positioned, direct and detailed light without harshness. Excellent for table-top applications or small interiors, such as automobiles.

ProRing Plus replaces the ProRing and includes a new sealed safety lamp head connector, helping to prevent dust and moisture from entering the generator it is connected to.

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Product number: 
  • 300514 ProRing Plus


The ProRing Plus is compatible with the Pro-8, Pro-7, Pro-B4, Pro-B3, Pro-B2 and the D4 generators. The adjustable tripod mount bracket and the wide diameter (100 mm) make the ProRing Plus compatible with all types of cameras as well as most lenses. Optional accessory reflectors expand the capabilities even further.

New features on ProRing Plus compared to ProRing

The ProRing2 Plus has a new safety lamp head connector that is sealed, helping to prevent dust and moisture from entering the generator. Note that the safety lamp head connector is 100% backward compatible.

Delivered with: 
  • Circular flash tube
  • Camera adapter
  • Stand adapter
  • 4 m (13 ft) lamp cable
  • Protective glass cover



Specifications – ProRing Plus

Flash capacity Up to 9600 Ws per minute
Flash tube Circular hard glass flash tube
Output 2400 Wsf-stop at 2 m @ ISO 100 @ head settings

No reflector:




ProRing Softlight Reflector:


ProRing Close-Up Reflector:


ProRing Widesoft Reflector:


Glass cover Yes
Cable length 4 m

Compatible generators

Pro-B4 1000 Air Yes
Pro-B3 1200 AirS Yes
Pro-B4 1000 Air Yes
Pro-8a  1200 and 2400 Air Yes
Pro-7b 1200 Yes
Pro-7s 1200 Yes
Pro-7s 2400 Yes
Pro-7a 1200 Yes
Pro-7a 2400 Yes
D4 1200 Yes
D4 2400 Yes
D4 4800 Yes
AcuteB2 600 N/A
Acute2 1200 N/A
Acute2 2400 N/A
  • Measurements


    10 cm, exterior diameter

    4 inch exterior diameter


    22 cm depth

    8.5 inch

    Weight 1.8 kg

    3.9 lbs
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