Broncolor Reflector Satellite Staro with Bracket (33.151.00)

Broncolor Satellite Staro Reflector with Bracket (33.151.00)

Price excl. tax: £2,040.00
Price inc. tax: £2,448.00
Weight: 10.500 Kgs
Code: 33.151.00

The strongly centre-oriented diffuser makes the light more brilliant and interesting than that of a homogeneously illuminated softbox. The Satellite Staro is ideal as main lighting in fashion and beauty photography.

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The light of the Satellite Staro reflector is known for its soft yet brilliant light. It has a high light output and despite its centre-weighed diffuser the Staro provides a very homogenous illumination that is perfect for fashion, portraiture, food or still life photography.


Satellite Staro key features:

  • centre-orientated diffuser
  • high light output
  • crisp light with homogenous shadows and highly detailed reproduction
  • soft and brilliant light
  • crisp and saturated look
  • spot-like and high in contrast
  • clearly defined shadows
  • diffused light obtained by using mat plexiglass sheet
  • round shape ensures perfect shadows and natural highlights



  • max. 3200 J
  • f-stop at 2 m (6 1/2 ft) distance, 100 ISO: focused 45 2/10
  • with bracket and mat plexiglas diffuser
  • for Pulso G and Unilite lamps
  • dimensions Ø 88x25 cm (35x14")
  • weight 10 kg (22 lbs)

For thermal reasons, the use of the lamps Pulso Twin, Pulso 8 and broncolor HMI F575.800 is only possible without the diffuser.

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