Broncolor Diffuser 2 for Para 88 (Medium Diffusion) (33.473.00)

Broncolor Diffuser 2 for Para 88 (Medium Diffusion) (33.473.00)

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This Broncolor Diffuser 2 (1/2 diffusion) for the Para 88 Reflector.

It is a translucent cloth accessory that fits over the front of the Para and affects a quite noticeable reduction in both the output and contrast of the light.

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Diffuser 2 makes the light denser than Diffuser 1. The light becomes softer and more homogeneous but also a little less sculptural.

Direct reflections in eyes or on similar surfaces appear as almost homogeneous white areas and the additional scattered light in the studio reduces contrast. Unlike with Diffuser 3 however, some of the light can still pass through the diffuser without scattering, and the typical Para FB and Para 88 light characteristics are retained to a somewhat lesser extent.

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