Profoto B1 500 AirTTL Location Kit (901092)

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“Once you try it, it changes everything.” – Richard Walch

Great light made easy with the Profoto B1.

The B1 off-camera flash is not a stay-at-home flash. Its TTL function shines the brightest in challenging lighting conditions. Its cordless operation unleashes your creativity and makes it want to run free in the wild.

The B1 Location Kit was designed with this in mind. The kit includes two B1 Off-Camera Flashes, two batteries, one Fast Charger and one Car Charger.

The entire kits fits in and is delivered with a customized and comfortable backpack. Bring it with you wherever your creativity leads you. Who knows where it will take you?

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5 reasons to choose the Profoto B1


With TTL
The unique AirTTL feature provides perfect exposure without manual metering, making it quick and easy to catch not only the moment, but also light it in a creative way. Please note that an AirTTL Remote optional transmitter needs to be attached to your camera in order to use this feature.


Without cables or cords
The B1 is powered by an exchangeable, high-capacity battery that is integrated with the flash. Combine that with any of the wireless transmitter options offered within the Profoto Air System and experience the freedom that comes with working without cables and cords.


With power
The B1 is packed with 500Ws of light, enough to shape and control the light even in difficult sunny conditions. The output range is 9 f-stop controlled in 1/10 f-stop increments, providing optimal control and flexibility.


With speed
At full power, the B1 will recharge in less than 2 seconds. At lower power settings, it will produce up to 20 flashes per second, eliminating the risk of missing that perfect shot waiting for the flash. Also note that the B1 has High-Speed Sync (HSS) functionality, giving you full control of the available light.


With light shaping
The built-in reflector creates a wide and even light spread that is beautiful on its own. But that is only the start. In total, more than 150 tools are available to choose from. With the B1, light shaping is easy and limitless.



  • Patented AirTTL technology provides perfect exposure in a flash.
  • Cordless design and wireless controls allows you to shoot without any restraints.
  • Interchangeable, integrated battery provides up to 220 full-power flashes and tens of thousands at lowest power.
  • 500 Ws adjustable in 1/10 f-stop increments over a 9 f-stop power range give you both power and precise control.
  • Fires up to 20 flashes a second with flash durations as short as 1/19,000 of a second.
  • Patent-pending Profoto HSS is fast enough to keep up with your camera, 10 times as powerful as your average speedlight, and extremely consistent.
  • Designed for used with more than 150 Light Shaping Tools.

Kit includes:

  • 2 x B1 500 AirTTL (Cordless, battery-powered off-camera flash with TTL.)
  • 2 x Li-Ion Battery (A powerful and exchangeable battery that provides 220-50,000 flashes in a single charge depending on flash output.)
  • 1 x Fast Charger 4.5A (Recharges the Li-Ion Battery in only one hour.)
  • 1 x Car Charger 1.8A (Plugs into a standard car cigarette connector and recharges the Li-Ion Battery in two hours.)
  • 1 x BackPack M (Custom backpack with comfortable carrying straps, adjustable compartments and side pockets for carrying stands.)
Product:B1 500 AirTTL
Energy:500 Ws
Energy range:9 f-stops (2-500Ws)
Energy control increments:1/10 or full f-stops
Recycling Time:0.1-1.9 (Quick burst up to 20 flashes/second)
Modelling light:20W LED (output eqvivalent to 70W Halogen)
Power supply:Exchangeble Lithium-Ion Battery 14.4V/3Ah
Battery capacity:Up to 220 full power flashes
Sync socket(s):1
Length:31 cm (12.2")
Diameter:14 cm (5.5")
Weight:(inc. battery) 3 kg
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