Broncolor Siros 400 WiFi / RFS 2 Monolight (31.613.12)

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Weight: 3.500 Kgs
Code: 31.613.12

broncolor's compact device combines unbeatable flash and super-fast charging times with reliable and intuitive handling. At 400 and 800 joules, Siros is not only available in two output versions but also as a basic- or S-model.

  • Enormous control range for flash energy, up to 7 f-stops
  • Radio control using “bronControl” app, RFS 2.1 / RFS 2.2
  • Additional function: flash sequence (flash series)
  • USB connection for software updates
  • Easy-to-use rotary controller and simple operation

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For over 50 years broncolor has refused to compromise on the quality of light. In this sense, Siros is a true broncolor product.


Siros is simple
Very simple operation using the single rotary controller. Alternatively you can use the advanced, intuitive app. Either way using Siros is fun.


Siros is powerful
The high light output, up to 800 J, leaves no photographer standing in the dark - it can even challenge sunshine.


Siros is Swiss
Do you appreciate quality? In Siros you have Swiss precision and quality - inside and out. Be inspired!


Siros is family
Proven meets innovation! The Siros studio lights and Siros S are all available in both 400 and 800 joule versions as well as the battery- powered Siros L. Equipped with the broncolor bayonet fitting, they are part of the best light system in the world.


Quick specs:

  • flash energy: 400 J
  • f-stop at 2m distance, 100 ISO (6½ft)
    • with reflector L40: 22 ⁵/₁₀
    • with reflector P70: 32 ⁵/₁₀
  • flash duration t 0.1 (t 0.5)
    • min. energy: 1/350 s (1/1000 s)
    • max. energy: 1/700 s (1/2100 s)
  • charging time: 0.1 – 0.95 s (230V)
  • Control range of flash energy: 7 f-stops (6.5-400 J) in ¹/₁₀ or full-stop intervals
Energy:400 Ws
Energy range:7 f-stops (6.5-400J)
Energy control increments:1/10 or full f-stops
Recycling Time:0.1 – 0.95 s (230V)
Flash duration min. energy t 0.5 (t 0.1):1/1000 s (1/350 s)
Flash duration max. energy t 0.5 (t 0.1):1/2100 s (1/700 s)
Modelling light:Halogen max. 300 W/120 V, off, proportional to flash energy or full power
Cooling:Fan, temperature controlled
Flash release:Manual release button, photocell, sync cable, with integrated broncolor RFS 2
Remote control:Via “bronControl” app for mobile devices or RFS 2.1 / RFS 2.2 transmitter
Total size:32 × 13 × 18 cm (12.6 × 5.1 × 7.1")
Weight:3.2 kg
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