Kino Flo BatWing 4Bank Louver Set (5pk) (BAT-W4)

Kino Flo BatWing 4Bank Louver Set (5pk) (BAT-W4)

Price excl. tax: £94.50
Price inc. tax: £113.40
List Price: £126.00
Amounts excluding tax:
Price: £94.50
List Price: £105.00
Discount: £10.50 (10.00%)
Weight: 1.000 Kgs
Code: BAT-W4

The BatWing® Louvers control the spread and direction of light in a Kino Flo 4Bank, Double or Single Fixture. They also solve the problem of spill light off the ends of the fixture without using blackwrap or other materials that restrict airflow and overheat the lamps.

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Kit Includes: 5 x Batwings 1 x Pouch/bag


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