*USED* Profoto ProGlobe 360° Reflector (100673)

*USED* Profoto ProGlobe 360° Reflector (100673)

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Weight: 1.200 Kgs
Code: 100673

*USED* Profoto ProGlobe 360° Reflector (100673)


Our Profoto ProGlobe is in perfectr condition with the Speed Ring for Profoto. It has been used for demo and display and offers great value for money. Please email or call for more information.

360° Surround Light

The ProGlobe gives a surrounding light, similar to a bare bulb effect or, if mounted high up, like a street lamp source. It can also be used as background lighting or placed underneath a photography table. Also known as "Chinese Lantern". If used in combination with a Softbox 3x4' or 4x6' (instead of the internal diffuser) the light distribution gets very soft - almost similar to the historic "Windowlight™"

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Cinematographers call this a “Chinese Lantern”. Its soft, bare bulb effect is perfect for quick location lighting. When used in combination with a softbox mounted around it, the ProGlobe creates very even light with soft shadows. Robust and reliable plastic material for safe and easy transportation.

The ProGlobe comes mounted on a speedring.

Delivered with: 
  • Speedring (100660)



Compatible heads

Heads All Profoto flash heads. Do not use with hot light more than 500W!



29 x 37 cm

11.41 x 14.56 in

Weight 1.2 kg 

2.64 lb
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