LEE Filters Diffusion Pack – 12 Sheets (12

LEE Filters Diffusion Pack – 12 Sheets (12" x 10") (LF-DIFFP)

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A selection of LEE's most popular diffusion materials used to create a wide variety of effects ranging from a subtle softening of the beam edge to creating a large shadowless area.

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This pack includes 2 x sheets of each following colour:

  • 216 White Diffusion – A strong diffusion used for soft light effects.  stop reduction.
  • 250 Half White Diffusion – A medium diffusion used for soft light effects. ¾ stop reduction.
  • 251 Quarter White Diffusion – A weak diffusion used for soft light effects.  stop reduction.
  • 253 Hampshire Frost – A light frost effect. < ¼ stop reduction.
  • 400 LEELux – A dense white diffuser used for wide beam spreads; creates an even, soft, field of light without shadows. Manufactured on a 125 micron polyester base.  stop reduction.
  • 410 Opal Frost – A weak diffusion used for softening spotlight beam edges without altering shape. Manufactured on a 23 micron polyester base. ½ stop reduction.

Further details on the diffusions can be found on the LEE Filters website.


Sheet size: 300mm x 250mm (12” x 10”)

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