ShooTools AutoPan Universal Automatic Panning Head Tool (SH03060035)

ShooTools AutoPan Universal Automatic Panning Head Tool Kit inc. 2100 HPRC Case (SH03060035)

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Weight: 2.000 Kgs
Code: SH03060035

The first universal panning tool.

The AutoPan is a smart, fully programmable and easy to use electronic device that adds synchronised panning movements to any camera slider.

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Introduced at the NAB Show 2016 in Las Vegas, the AutoPan is designed and made in Italy to suit a filmmakers needs. It is the perfect tool to add stunning cinematic effects to any scale production.


It is the first device of its kind that can be used universally on any Slider/Dolly Length and Brand, whether manual or motorized (from 0 to 3 meters long). Fully programmable, it is possible to add synchronized pan movements to your camera slider. With its multi key-frame feature you have a smart and powerful 2 axis motion control in your hands.



Being fully programmable, it is possible to add synchronized pan rotation with the movement of your tool, whether it be a Slider, Dolly or even Crane! You only need to set-up the keyframes along the route and the internal CPU will do the rest. It does not require specific measurement calibration nor a fixed distance from the subject.





Keep the focus on the subject during a tracking shot. Perfect for interviews, talking heads and macro shots.


Emphasise your location with absolutely perfect 360° shots.


Be free to pan your camera at the exact point you want.


Boost your creativity with a unique movement never seen before.


Set over 10 different Key-Frames to design any creative shot.



AutoPan is App Ready! This allows you to manage all the settings directly from your SmartPhone.


Moreover, if you join together two AutoPans, you can obtain a Universal Remote Head: a full 3-axis system!



AutoPan can be also used stand-alone on a Tripod, for amazing 360° pano-shots or stunning TimeLapses with the built-in shutter release port.



Add new camera movements never seen before in your TimeLapse productions. AutoPan works with every motion control in the market. Combine it with your slider for a flawless 2-axis system.



AutoPan is always protected thanks to the HPRC Case included.




  • 100% made in Italy
  • Compatible with any Slider in the market
  • Manual & Motion Control
  • Works on sliders up to 3 meters long
  • HPRC Case Included
  • Toolless set-up
  • 2 year warranty included as standard


Delivered with:

  • AutoPan
  • Battery Charger


Travel Length:    From 0 to 39" (3 mt)
Horizontal Load:    26lb (12 Kg)
Max Speed:    25° / sec 
Battery Life:    8 h
AutoPan Mounting Thread:     ¼” and ⅜” adapter on the to top side
Slider Mounting Thread:   3/8"-16 thread
Material:    Anticorodal aluminum CNC Machined
Treatments:    Shot peening through ceramic spheres - Organic Anodization at 30 micron

ShooTools AutoPan Brochure (ENG) [PDF, 2.53 MB]
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