Profoto Acute/D4 UV 230V, 250 W Head (900666)

Profoto Acute/D4 UV 230V, 250 W Head (900666)

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Profoto Acute/D4 UV 230V, 250 W Head (900666)

Top of the line for Acute2 / D4

The small, lightweight and very reliable standard head for Acute2 and D4 generators. Despite its size it is able to handle up to 4800Ws, over and over again, hour after hour.

Product number: 
900666 with 250W modeling lamp

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This is the Profoto Acute/D4 flash head. It is compatible with Acute2, AcuteB, AcuteB2 and D4 Generators. It features a circular, quartz flash tube which surrounds the  modeling lamp. It provides even illumination and maximum light output. It accepts  the complete Profoto system of modular light shaping tools.

The Acute/D4 head includes a Zoom Reflector, which slides and locks at your chosen position along the head's chassis. This enables you to control the spread of the light emitted. The Zoom Reflector has a front lip, which accepts honeycomb grids without the need for a spearate adapter.

The included 4m head cable features Profoto special connectors for safety, security and convenience. Unique Profoto cable pin design allows hot-plugging. Change heads without powering down your generator. All heads feature a 5/8" standard stand adapter.

Despite it's impressive power and performance, the Acute/D4 head is one of the smallest and lightest professional flash heads.

Although this head includes a frosted, UV corrected glass dome, other glass covers can be purchased separately to warm or cool and soften or sharpen the light to your personal style.

The quality of the modeling light is almost identical to the flash light, what you see is what you get.

The head has a thermostatically controlled fan for efficient cooling.

Shape your own light
Profoto has designed the heads in such a way that the reflectors  can slide back and forth on the head, allowing you to zoom on and out or to "paint" with the light.

You have access to over 120 different Light Shaping Tools and accessories.
Improved Design
Due to a redesigned glass cover design and improved mounting plate used under the flash tube/model lamp, the light is more color stable, the light distribution more even and the light output is increased.
Improved electronics guarantee optimal function of the fan worldwide

Easy to Control 
A built-in tilt-control lever makes for easy angle adjustment 
Easily Replaceable Flashtube 
Features a plug-in quartz flashtube 
Optional glass covers are available in a variety of coatings for added control over the color temperature

Zoomable, Removable Reflector for light control flexibility
Comes with zoom reflector
Compatible with all of Profoto's light shaping tools

Modeling Light 
Comes with a bright, 250W or 500W quartz halogen model light.
The modeling lights works worldwide without the need of voltage adjustment

Long-Reaching Cable 
4m cable-- resists twisting, trampling and cracking.
Extension cables are available for light heads placed at longer distances from the power pack

Delivered with: 
  • Zoom Reflector
  • Quartz flash tube
  • 250 W or 500W halogen lamp
  • Removable frosted glass cover
  • Protective transportation cap
  • Stand adapter
  • 4 m (13 ft) lamp cable



Specifications – Acute/D4 Head

Flash capacity up to 4800 Ws
Modeling light 250 W or 500 W
Flash tube Quartz flash tube
Output 2400 Wsf-stop  @ ISO 100 at 2 m @ head settings

Magnum Reflector @ 8:


Zoom Reflector @ 4:


White Umbrella @ 7:


Glass cover Frosted UV-coated
Fan Yes
Cable length 5 m

Compatible generators

Pro-B2 1200 N/A
Pro-7b 1200 N/A
Pro-7s 1200 N/A
Pro-7s 2400 N/A
Pro-7a 1200 N/A
Pro-7a 2400 N/A
D4 1200 Yes
D4 2400 Yes
D4 4800 Yes
AcuteB 600 Yes (with special adapter for modeling light)
AcuteB2 600 AirS Yes (with special adapter for modeling light)
Acute2 1200 Yes
Acute2 2400 Yes



10 cm

4 inch


26 cm depth

10.25 inch

Weight 2.2 kg 

4.85 lbs
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