California Sunbounce Heavy Duty Boom-Stick for Mini / Pro / Big (3 Riser) (800-150)

California Sunbounce Heavy Duty Boom-Stick for Pro and Big (3 Riser) (800-150)

Price excl. tax: £166.67
Price inc. tax: £200.00
Weight: 2.000 Kgs
Code: 800-150

This Boom-Stick is for the Sun-Bouncer Pro / Big or the Sun-Swatter Pro / Big.

An extendable pole (305cm max) which allows you to hold the Pro or Big frames aloft for reflective/diffusion purposes or to reduce glare and contrast from the sun. Also features a 5/8" attachment for attaching a grip head or small flash head.

 Special Order – Shipped direct from Germany. Contact us for an ETA.

  • Base Tube: 35mm diameter
  • First Riser: 30mm diameter         
  • Second Riser: 25mm diameter
  • Adjustment Riser: 25mm diameter
  • Wall-Thickness: very unusual 1,5mm finest Aluminum
  • Usable length without Adjustment Riser: 283cm
  • Adjustment Riser: 22cm
  • Total usable Length: 305cm
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