Profoto Fresnel Small Spot Light (100789)

Profoto Fresnel Small (100789)

Price excl. tax: £937.00
Price inc. tax: £1,124.40
Weight: 3.000 Kgs
Code: 100789

Projects a clean, crisp beam of light.

The Fresnel Small is equipped with a medium-sized Fresnel lens that projects a clean and crisp beam of light, similar to natural sunlight – excellent for selective lighting or for creating movie light effects. The beam angle is easily adjusted with the built-in iris control.

  • Projects a clean, crisp beam of light.
  • Comes with a high-quality Fresnel lens (180 mm/7”).
  • Compact and vented housing.
  • Easily adjusted beam angle.
  • Designed for years of everyday use.

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The Profoto Fresnel Small lens projects a crisp, distinct beam of light similar to sunlight, using a 6" (15 cm) glass fresnel lens and adjustable beam-angle control. Use the built-in iris control to change the diameter of the beam. A compact, vented housing makes this an excellent choice for location interiors.


Optimized for Profoto monolights, but works with any Profoto flash head without requiring an adapter. Filters can be attached to the front of the fresnel.


Do not touch hot parts with bare fingers! Modeling lamps, flash tubes and certain metal parts emit strong heat when used! Do not obstruct ventilation. Use maximum 500W modeling lamp, if using non-fan cooled head do not exceed 150 W.


Maximum continuous load 4x2400 Ws per minute (8x1200 Ws or 16x600 Ws etc.) or 10x1000 Ws per minute (20x500 Ws or 40x250 Ws etc).

Diameter:200 mm
Weight:2.6 kg
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