Westcott Scrim Jim Cine 8' x 8' 1-1/4-Stop Diffuser (1780)

Westcott Scrim Jim Cine 8 x 8' 1-1/4-Stop Diffuser (1780)

Price excl. tax: £170.83
Price inc. tax: £205.00
Weight: 0.650 Kgs
Code: 1780

  • High-quality 1/4-stop diffusion fabric
  • For use with Scrim Jim Cine frame system
  • Diffuse overhead sunlight, studio lighting, or speedlights
  • Durable touch fastener lining
  • Mounts instantly to Scrim Jim Cine 8' x 8' frame
  • Essential light softening fabric for filmmakers and photographers
  • Frame sold separately


 Special Order – Contact us for an ETA.

Height:0.3 cm
Length:248.9 cm
Width:248.9 cm
Weight:0.650 kg
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