Westcott the C47 Book Light Kit (2092)

Westcott theC47 Book Light Kit (2092)

Price excl. tax: £1,250.00
Price inc. tax: £1,500.00
Weight: 14.000 Kgs
Code: 2092

theC47 Book Light Kit provides superior light modification for interviews and narratives. By placing any light source near the opening of the Book Light, filmmakers and cinematographers can simultaneously bounce and diffuse their light.

  • Superior light modification for interviews
  • Essential kit for filmmakers and cinematographers
  • Created by Jem Schofield of theC47
  • Modular Scrim Jim Cine framework
  • Reversible bounce fabrics
  • 2 silk diffusers included
  • Hinge connectors for effortless adjustment
  • Durable case included for travel and storage

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After more than 20 years in the filmmaking industry, producer and director Jem Schofield recognized the need for easily-accessible production education. After releasing the Scrim Jim Cine system, Westcott partnered with Jem to create 2 versatile and customizable kits, theC47 Book Light Kit and theC47 DP Kit.


The Book Light Kit features two 4' x 6' Scrim Jim Cine modular frames. These frames connect together to form a book-like configuration with the included hinge connectors. These connectors allow for effortless placement and adjustment of the Book Light.


This kit includes a reversible silver/white bounce fabric and a reversible unbleached muslin/black fabric giving you the ability to customize the appearance of your light source. Soften the output with either the included 3/4-stop diffusion silk diffuser or 1/2-stop grid cloth.


For filmmakers and photographers who want total control of their lighting, Scrim Jim Cine frame components are available individually to build the lighting tools of your dreams.



In the box:

  • 6 × Scrim Jim Cine 46" Frame Tube #2022
  • 8 × Scrim Jim Cine 22" Frame Tube #2020
  • 8 × Scrim Jim Cine 2" Straight Frame Connector #2023
  • 8 × Scrim Jim Cine 2D Corner Frame Connector #2024
  • 1 × Scrim Jim Cine Swing Hinge Corner Frame Connectors #2091
  • 1 × Scrim Jim Cine 4' x 6' Unbleached Muslin/Black Fabric #1949
  • 1 × Scrim Jim Cine 4' x 6' 3/4-Stop Diffuser #1844
  • 1 × Scrim Jim Cine 4' x 6' 1/2-Stop Grid Cloth Diffuser #1915
  • 1 × Scrim Jim Cine 4' x 6' Silver/White Bounce Fabric #1989
  • 1 × Scrim Jim Cine Deluxe Wheeled Travel Case #7351
Height:26.7 cm (10.5")
Length:135.9 cm (53.5")
Width:27.3 cm (10.8")
Weight:13.5 kg
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