K-LINE 400ml 4x Neutral Grey Filter Spray (CFC Free) (KL-GREY)

K-LINE 400ml 4x Neutral Grey Filter Spray (CFC Free) (KL-GREY)

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Price inc. tax: £13.14
Weight: 0.364 Kgs

Dulling spray is a fine, colourless spray used to reduce glare on reflective surfaces and minimize hot spots. 

As the name suggests it gives a four times overall neutral cut, it can be sprayed on windows and transparent screens. Used extensively in the motion picture and television industries, it is an aid on small locations. Easily removed with a little methyl spirit.

400ml - Made in Britain.

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Applications include:

  • Photographic
  • Motion Picture
  • TV Studio

For filtering purposes. Coats evenly with a very fine spray pattern - it effectively dulls any polished object to be photographed.

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