Westcott Peter Hurley Flex LED 4-Light Kit (7537-AG)

Price excl. tax: £5,833.33
Price inc. tax: £7,000.00
Weight: 27.000 Kgs
Code: 7537-AG

The ultimate 4-light Flex kit for portraits and beyond.

With a fully-dimmable combined maximum output of 19,800 lux at 1 meter, the Peter Hurley Kit can illuminate your subject in the darkest of studios or in the brightest sunlight. This output renders near-perfect colors with a CRI of 95 for minimal post-production.

  • Versatile lights for pro filmmakers and photographers
  • Headshot kit developed by award-winning portrait photographer Peter Hurley
  • Mats backed by a Lifetime Limited Warranty
  • High color accuracy with powerful 5600K output
  • Best quality flexible LED light available
  • Compact design is ideal for travel and convenient for setup and storage
  • Includes framework, mounting, diffusion, and case

Westcott Flex mats are the industry's only flexible LEDs that are warranted for life. Their ultra-durable construction is rain and dust proof with an IP64 rating.

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Flex Daylight LED Mats are perfectly balanced at 5600K to quickly and easily complement the available lighting on your next production. Designed with a flexible form and pliable framework, the Flex can be mounted out-of-sight in any location. The heaviest Flex model weighs under 3 pounds, making these mats an obvious solution for traveling filmmakers. So what are the benefits of utilizing a flexible light source? Besides the obvious mounting possibilities, Flex can be shaped to control light spread in every way you could imagine, from 140-degrees to 360-degrees and everywhere in-between.


Super bright output with true to life color rendering. Flex mats produce outstanding output with impressive Color Rendering Index (CRI) values of 95 and 98. Thanks to its cutting-edge LED technology, Flex mats boast amazing color readouts, without green or magenta spikes. Quality output means minimal post-production.


Use one Flex or use all of them. Configure the Peter Hurley Kit to create specular, high-key lighting or dramatic, low-key lighting. Ideal for headshots, fashion and beauty photography, and commercial portraiture. Mount frames to light stands or boom arms with the included Vise Grip and Grip Head. With their robust designs and compact construction, you can precisely position your Flex mats without hassle.


Even after hours of use on-set, Flex produce minimal heat. This allows for mounting to virtually any modifier or platform and for adding gels directly to your light source. Flex also draw little power, so you can look forward to prolonged battery operation and a drop in your studio’s electric bill.


Unlike heavy and fragile fluorescent-style light sources, Flex are ultra-durable and easy to transport. This kit includes 4 daylight-balanced Flex LED mats, modular Scrim Jim Cine frames, extension cables, diffusion cloths and mounting hardware that all fit beautifully into the included wheeled travel case.


Peter Hurley began photographing people in his small windowless apartment in New York City. It was there that he developed his signature high-key headshot style. Peter shares his one-of-a-kind lighting and posing techniques through awesome online training and in his unique headshot community.


Delivered with:

  • 2 × Flex 1' x 3' Daylight LED Mat #Panel-7470      
  • 2 × Flex 150W Digital Dimmer and Power Supply #7470-D-PS      
  • 2 × Flex 1' x 3' and 2' x 2' US 110v Power Cord #7470PC      
  • 2 × Flex 1' x 2' Daylight LED Mat #Panel-7450 
  • 2 × Flex Daylight 5A Digital Dimmer #D-DIM-5.0A      
  • 2 × Flex 24v/5A Power Adapter #PA-24v-5A      
  • 2 × Flex 110V US Power Cord #7400PC      
  • 2 × Flex Dimmer Extension Cable (Up to 1x2 Mats) #7413 
  • 2 × Flex Dimmer Extension Cable (1' x 3', 2' x 2' Mats) #7436      
  • 4 × Center Jaw Vise Grip #1980      
  • 4 × Grip Head #1881      
  • 2 × Scrim Jim Cine 1' X 2' Full-stop Two-layer Diffuser #1838-PH 
  • 2 × Scrim Jim Cine 1' x 3' Full-Stop Two-Layer Diffuser #1839-PH      
  • 4 × Cable Wrap #7599      
  • 12 × Scrim Jim Cine Frame Tube (10") #2000
  • 8 × Scrim Jim Cine Frame Tube (22") #2020 
  • 16 × Scrim Jim Cine 2D Corner Frame Connector #2024      
  • 4 × Scrim Jim Cine Straight Frame Connector (2") #2023      
  • 1 × Soft Wheeled Travel Case #7350
  • Limited Lifetime (Flex Mats)
Colour temp.:5600 K (Daylight)
Beam angle:140-360°
Height:10.5" / 26.7 cm
Length:40.8" / 103.5 cm
Width:14.8" / 37.5 cm
Weight:26.4 kg
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