California Sunbounce Sand Bag Adapter

California Sunbounce Sand Bag (15kg) Adapter (720-100)

Price excl. tax: £10.77
Price inc. tax: £12.92
Weight: 0.100 Kgs
Code: 720-100

Note: The Sand Bag is supplied EMPTY.

Did you know that today's sand bags were actually developed in their saddle form 80 years ago in Hollywood? Like a saddle on a horse's back, they were laid over the legs of a C-stand tripod horizontally. Modern tripod legs are usually slanted, and no one really knew where to put the sand bags, so Sunbounce has developed the Sand Bag Adapter.

The Sandbag Adapter allows up to three sand bags to be attached to a lamp tripod. Now the sand bags won't slip down the slanted legs – and the tripod remains stable, even in strong wind. Perfectly controlled light for every situation!

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