Profoto Small Striplight 230V for Acute packs (100765)

Profoto StripLight S 230V (for Acute Pack) (100765)

Price excl. tax: £2,079.00
Price inc. tax: £2,494.80
Weight: 9.000 Kgs
Code: 100765

Profoto StripLights are special effect heads that create long and perfectly even highlights with either a subtle fall-off or razor sharp outlines, controlled by the optional barndoors.

  • Provides a long light source.
  • Creates perfectly even highlights with razor sharp outlines.
  • Can be stacked together to create even longer light sources.
  • Built-in fan allows continuous use.
  • Capable of producing large quantities of images at a high rate.
  • Powerful modeling light.
  • Can be used with both Pro and D4 packs.

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  • The frosted cover is exchangeable against a clear version for a more distinctive character.
  • Optional barn doors allow the modification of the light spread.


Delivered with: 
  • Flash tube
  • Model lamps
  • Stand adapter


Specifications – StripLight S

Flash capacity 4800 Ws
Modeling light 200 W prop.
Flash tube Uncoated flash tube
f-stop at 2400 Ws in 2 m @ ISO 100


Glass cover -
Fan -
Cable length 5 m
Fuse -

Compatible generators

Pro-B3 1200 Yes
Pro-7b 1200 Yes
Pro-7s 1200 Yes
Pro-7s 2400 Yes
Pro-7a 1200 Yes
Pro-7a 2400 Yes
Pro-8a 1200 Yes
Pro-8a 2400 Yes
D4 1200 Yes
D4 2400 Yes
D4 4800 Yes
AcuteB2 600 Yes
Acute2 1200 Yes
Acute2 2400 Yes






10 x 70 x 14 cm

22 x 27.55 x 5.5 inch

Weight 9 kg 

19.84 lbs


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