Profoto BatPac 230V Portable Power Supply (901123)

Profoto BatPac 230V Portable Power Supply (901123)

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Weight: 11.500 Kgs
Code: 901123

Profoto BatPac 230v EU (901123)

Portable Power Source
Available from AJ's is the fantastic Profoto BatPac (code: 901123). A completely safe, reliable and flexible battery inverter to power your Profoto D1 heads, ComPact monolights or Acute2 generators on location. This is an easy to use power inverter to rival all others. If you are a professional photographer looking for a great battery solution then look no further.
The Profoto BatPac has a wide number of uses and can power anything from a wind-machine, to your laptop charger or camera batteries. Keep it in the boot of your car for the time when you want to power your Profoto D1 heads or Acute Packs when there isn't any available mains electricity.
BatPac (901123) 230V includes:
Charger 2A (100218)
Profoto Power cable’s CE (2 x 102501)
BatPac bag
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The Profoto BatPack Portable Power Supply photographed by AJ's using the Orbitvu 360 system



Safe and reliable


High power

High capacity


protective circuits

Handy & transportable


Constructed for Profoto D1, ComPact and Acute2 flash equipment.

High capacity: Between 600 and more than 10.000 flashes with one D1 500

High power: Can be used with up to 4x D1 1000 or 1x Acute2 2400

Rugged and durable sealed battery 12V/17Ah (not user exchangeable)

Short recycling times: 1.6-0.3s with one D1 500

Two standard power outlets (US 120V and CE 230V versions available)

Suitable for electrical devices with max. 600W power consumption, drives a 100W halogen lamp for up to 45 minutes

Multi-voltage charger with international adapters included

Size 25x26x35cm, weight 11.2kg – including battery and bag


Product Advantages & User Benefits:

Safe and reliable, especially developed to power advanced flash equipment like Profoto D1 monolights, guarantees proper function and eliminates the risk to damage the flashes.



Works with Profoto D1, ComPact and Acute2 flash equipment. But can be used for other electrical devices like chargers, wind machines, refrigerator boxes and constant light sources as well.


High power

One BatPac can drive up to 4 Profoto D1 (250Ws, 500Ws and 1000Ws), 2 Profoto ComPact (300Ws, 600Ws and 1200Ws) monolights or one Profoto Acute2 (1200Ws or 2400Ws) generator.


High capacity

Integrated heavy duty battery delivers up to 300 flashes with D1 1000Ws, 600 flashes with D1 500Ws, 1200 flashes with D1 250Ws etc.


Integrated protective circuits

The BatPac is protected against overcharge, short circuit, high temperature and low input voltage. A ground fault circuit interrupter protects the user and all connected devices.


Handy & transportable

A robust nylon transport bag is integral part of the BatPac. The carry handle, detachable shoulder strap and stowable harness makes it easy to maneuver the BatPac even if it is in use.



Specifications – BatPac

Max continuous output power 600 W, power limited output

Battery type: Sealed lead acid battery 12V, 17Ah

Nominal battery capacity 17 Ah

Maximum input current 60A

Output voltage/frequency 120 VAC ±3%, 60Hz or


230 VAC ±3%, 50 Hz depending on model

Output wave form: Pure sine wave

Total harmonic distortion < 3%

Idle current consumption 120 VAC: < 0.6 A


230 VAC: < 0.8 A

Input voltage range 10.5 – 16.5 V

Low voltage alarm 10.5 V

Low voltage shutdown 10 V

Storage temperature range -10-50°C

Operating temperature range 0-40°C

Dimensions (L x W x H) 26 x 28 x 37cm incl. bag

Weight 11.5 kg, including bag

Recharging (from empty battery) 8 hours with the Profoto Battery Charger 2A

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter Yes

Fuses: ATO® Fuse Fast-Acting Type (2x30A)



Battery Capacity

Profoto D1 (used in “Bat mode”, model light off) 

2000Ws (2x D1 1000 or 1x D1 1000 & 2x D1 500 or 4x D1 500): max. 150 flashes

1000Ws (1x D1 1000 or 2x D1 500 or 1x D1 500 & 2x D1 250 or 4x D1 250): max. 300 flashes

500Ws (1x D1 500 or 2x D1 250): max. 600 flashes

250Ws (1x D1 250): max. 1200 flashes

125Ws: max. 2400 flashes

62.5Ws: max. 4800 flashes

31.25Ws: max. 9600 flashes

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