Elinchrom Skyport RX Transceiver (19353)

Elinchrom Skyport RX Transceiver (19353)

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Elinchrom Skyport RX Transceiver (EL19353)

This module fits only Elinchrom RX units, using the integrated multiple interface for triggering and for the remote computer operating option. No internal battery is required, just plug into a Style RX, Digital RX or Ranger RX flash unit (Please remember to double check the “Group” and “Channel Frequency” settings) and the Transceiver RX is ready to use. To control flash power, modelling lamp on/off and flash synchronisation, requires only the Transmitter Speed. To control all RX functions, the latest EL-Skyport software and the USB RX Speed module is required. The EL-Skyport software also offers additional features, such as the programmable “Flash Delay”, Flash-Counter and other control features that will be added as future software upgrades.

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  • Switch to select 4 different work GROUPS
  • Dip switches to select 8 different FREQUENCY CHANNELS
  • The Tranceiver RX is required to control and set flash power and modeling lamp on/off from the Transmitter Speed or the Computer Remote Software.
  • NOTE - The new Speed Sync feature is not available for the Transceiver RX module. The Speed Sync feature is only available with the Universal Speed module. Flash power settings are not available with the Universal Speed!

COMPATIBLE with Elinchrom RX units:

  • Compacts - Style RX 300 / 600 / 1200
  • Battery Power Packs - Ranger RX / Ranger RX Speed / Ranger RX Speed AS (requires the Remote Adapter // 19374, which is included with any new Ranger RX)
  • Power Packs - Digital RX 1200 / 2400
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