FOBA ASLAI Portrait Pro Studio Camera Stand

FOBA ASLAI (Portrait Pro) Studio Camera Stand – 6' (1.82m) (ASLAI)

Price excl. tax: £2,361.00
Price inc. tax: £2,833.20
Weight: 45.000 Kgs

The ASLAI Portrait Pro studio stand has been specifically designed for use in narrow spaces, for lightweight cameras or sensors as well as for mobile applications.


  • Ball bearing-supported beam.
  • Beam equipped on both ends with camera platform, thread 3/8’’.
  • One fitting for all-purpose trays on the crosspiece.
  • Casters with individual multilocking brakes.
  • The shaft can be mounted on an ASABA or AROBI cast-iron foot with an ASLEI flange.

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ASLAI – great flexibility


Easily movable
Portrait Pro ASLAI is designed to be moved around. The shaft can be unscrewed from the base, which makes it easy to take along. Big ball bearing casters take even uneven floors and the occasional cables in their smooth stride. Therefore, ASLAI is the ideal companion for out-of-studio jobs.


The shaft’s low supporting point on the foot and the casters’ easy to use, individual double lock mechanism result in high stability despite the reduced weight of the stand. High accuracy in production processes result in crosspieces and beams that can be locked in place without wobbling.


ARBOF Caster base
FOBA meets the needs of industrial measurement technology by providing not only stable, high precision stands but also a light, movable caster base.


The included ARBOF caster base has the following features:

  • The casters have ball bearings; a single pedal for each caster serves as a lock for rolling and rotating movement.
  • The construction of the base enables the stand to tilt and roll on two casters, to get through a door, for example.
  • The caster base can be carried around by one person only, as it weighs only 25 kg, excluding additional weights.
  • To achieve better stability, an extra weight of 7.5 kg can be screwed underneath each blade.
  • Two screws are situated where the stand is screwed onto the base. They allow the shaft to be mounted into the right place at first try (does not work for the ASABA-shaft).

Floor height: 1.82 m
Lifting capacity: 7 kg (15.4 lbs)
Beam length: (including camera platforms) 90 cm

Delivery time is around 2-3 weeks.

Weight:45 kg
FOBA_Stative_e_LowRes [PDF, 1.61 MB]
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