Elinchrom Quadra Flash Cable 5m (Straight) (11003)

Elinchrom Quadra Flash Cable 5m (Straight) (11003)

Price excl. tax: £77.50
Price inc. tax: £93.00
Weight: 2.500 Kgs
Code: 11003

RQ Extension Cable

The RQ Extension cable can be use to extend Ranger Quadra S / A heads and the new RQ Ringflash ECO, or either the RQ Ringlfash PRO.


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NOTE: Cable extensions are reducing the flash power and they slow down the flash duration. For best performance, please use the standard 2.5m RQ Head cable which we include to all single Heads and set configurations. We offer as well 1.5 m RQ Head cables, for better transportability and handling if the is Quadra pack is shouldered. Find all adapter and extension cables under RANGER QUADRA ACCESSORIE.

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