Profoto HR 5' Octa Octagonal Softbox (100493)

Profoto HR 5' Octa Octagonal Softbox (100493)

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Weight: 2.200 Kgs
Code: 100493

Profoto HR 5' Octa Octagonal Softbox

Profoto Heat Resistant Octa softbox optimized for continuous light sources, flash heads and monolights

Product code- 100493

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  • Profoto’s HR octagonal softboxes were primarily designed for continuous light sources, such as ProDaylight 800 Air and ProTungsten 1000 Air to provide evenly distributed softlights.



  • However, they work just as well with any regular Profoto flashhead or monolight since they all use the same speedring.

  • Made with heat-resistant material
  • Evenly distributed softlight
  • Part of the Light Shaping Tool system
  • Fully compaitble with Profoto's flash heads and Continuous Lights
Product number: 
  • 100493



The HR Softbox Octa is easy to set up and take down. The heat resistant material and the reinforced joints and seams will ensure a long lifetime even for heavy-duty use. A recessed front with sawn-on Velcro™ patches allows the user to have an option to attach accessories such as grids and diffusers*. Everything is designed in a slender and lightweight fashion, enabling the photographer to use even the largest models in narrow surroundings. They are also easy to transport. The HR Softbox Octa comes with a removable front and internal diffusers, rods and a rugged transport bag.


*grids for Octabox will be available Q1 2012

Delivered with: 
  • Softbox Octa
  • transport bag


Package dimensions (W x L x H): 93 x 35 x 6 cm (36.6 x 13.8 x 2.4 in.)
Weight (with package): 2.20 kg (4,9 lbs)
Max. wattage continuous lights: 1200 W

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