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FOBA has manufactured and supplied superb photographic shooting equipment for more than 70 years. Made in Switzerland following the company's traditional environment-considerate manufacturing methods, FOBA's products are used worldwide by reputed companies, public and educational institutions, museums and photographers.




Foba DIMIU Background Shooting Table – Complete (DIMIU)

FOBA shooting tables are born of a photographer's practical experience and of their quest for perfect lighting conditions to reduce or even eliminate burdensome retouching. The result: FOBA tables are equipped with a special synthetic surface, processed to colourlessness and mattness and rendered entirely non-reflecting through complex treatement. The surface is frosted for absolutely uniform transparency.

The FOBA DIMIU Shooting Table measures 36 x 34 x 45" (WXDXH). It is a compact, affordable table that is ideal for studios where space is at a premium. Like all Foba tables, the DIMIU has no crossbars behind the color-correct Plexiglas surface, allowing the freedom to light from above or below anywhere on the table surface. The table also has connectors for the Combitube accessory system.
  • Plexiglass is included.
  • Plexiglas surface provides a seamless background and foreground.
  • Position lights above, below, and behind the shooting table, for dramatic, or high-key lighting with precise control.
Price: £952.80

 ETA 2-3 weeks


Foba DIMIL Background Shooting Table – Complete (DIMIL)

Mid-size shooting table.

The sheet’s back can be tilted by a chosen amount up to 90°, while the front part is preformed. The table has got adjustable back rungs. The upper rung can be set in 5 different positions to follow the sheet’s angle. The bottom rung has 3 height positions to allow floor lights comfortably through.

Price: £1,416.00

 ETA 2-3 weeks

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