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as we are attending The Photography Show at the NEC

Please find us on Stand F121, next to Profoto and Canon

Photographic Solutions

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Photographic Solutions

Photographic Solutions

Photographic Solutions was founded in 1983 by professional nature photographer David M. Stone with his invention of PEC-12 Photographic Emulsion Cleaner. In 1998, David developed Eclipse fluid for cleaning the first digital CCD sensors and in conjunction with Eastman Kodak he also developed the SENSOR SWAB. Every one of their current products is a direct result of our attentiveness to customer needs. Today Photographic Solutions are the leading global distributor of digital camera cleaning products as well as film and negative cleaning solutions. Their products are specially designed to be safe and easy to use for all types of camera equipment. Despite numerous imitators, their products are the only products recognised by camera manufacturers.



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