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Compact Product Photography Studios

ORBITVU ALPHASHOT and ALPHATABLE are the only compact studios capable of delivering automated, professional 2D / 360° / 3D product photography, even for operators with a basic knowledge of photography.

The only thing that separates retail from e-commerce is how your customers experience a product. The challenge for modern e-commerce is to blur or exceed these boundaries, providing customers with an experience similar to, or even better, than the physical one.

The ALPHASHOT studios are an all-in-one solution that is incredibly easy to use whilst being technologically advanced. They replace the need for a professional product photographer or complicated studio equipment, giving you professional images and 360° presentations of the highest quality amazingly fast.

Equipped with powerful LED lighting and delivered with fully integrated software offering advanced editing features of both single packshots and entire series of photos taken from different angles, the devices can be used by anybody, even those with a limited knowledge of photography.

The devices are designed for corporate clients, retailers and e-commerce enterprises that are looking to create high-quality product packshots and presentations without the costly overheads of hiring photographers and studios.

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