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Special Applications



*USED* Broncolor Para 330FB Reflector Umbrella with shipping case (33.486.00)

This listing is for our used Para 330 FB.

The Para 330 FB is a 330cm (3.3m, 10.8ft) Giant Umbrella Reflector made in Switzerland by the legendary Broncolor lighting company. This is possibly one of the rarest light shapers available anywhere and possibly one of 2 or 3 in the entire UK. I would go as far as saying that we are the only dealer in Europe, if not the world to have one for sale and in this condition, with Broncolor Diffuser 2 and purpose made flight case.

The Para 330 FB was originally designed to work with the Broncolor Ringflash found here but it will also work with any Broncolor Pulso Lamphead. 

This Broncolor Para 330 is in exceptional condition and found with additional diffuser and flight case. We are happy at time of writing for clients to visit our showroom and see this for themselves. 

Requires a Wind-Up stand or similar. 
Other items shown in the image are just for a visual guide and not included with this sale.

More images to follow.

Price: £3,995.00

 In Stock


Broncolor Flooter Fresnel (32.431.00)

Broncolor Flooter Fresnal (32.431.00)

The largest Fresnel spot of the broncolor product line. It has a very large, variable light angle and a homogeneous light distribution, making it a versatile spot, suitable for different applications.

Price: £3,555.00

 Shipped direct from supplier


Broncolor Spot Attachment (33.640.00)

Broncolor Spot Attachment (33.640.00)

For the projection of fine lines, graphical patterns, gobos and slides on surfaces and objects. The spot attachment is to be mounted to a Pulso G or Unilite lamp and operated with a mat protecting glass.

Price: £2,628.00

 Shipped direct from supplier


Profoto ProFresnel Spot (100706)

ProFresnel Spot
A huge Fresnel lens that creates a gorgeous movie light.

The ProFresnel Spot is a huge Fresnel lens that can be mounted directly onto any Profoto head. It creates a gorgeous movie light, perfect for beauty and product photography.

  • Creates a typical movie light.
  • Comes with a huge Fresnel lens (300 mm/11”).
  • Optional barndoor available for even more precise light shaping.
  • Features Profoto’s unique zoom function – shape the light by simply sliding the head in and out of the ProFresnel.
  • Designed for years of everyday use.
Price: £2,195.00

 Special Order


Elinchrom FS30 Fresnel Spot (26451)

Spot accessories are neither the most common, nor the cheapest. However they are incredibly powerful tools in any photographer's hands. Elinchrom's Fresnel FS30 is for the professional who needs sophisticated directional lighting in portrait and commercial photography at an affordable price.

Usable with any fan cooled Elinchrom head. 

Price: £1,599.00

 Shipped direct from supplier


Broncolor Projection Attachment for Picolite (33.641.00)

Broncolor Projection Attachment (33.641.00)

100mm, with mat protecting glass, 3 aperture masks, 4 integrated templates.
For the projection of fine lines, graphical patterns, gobos and slides on surfaces and objects. There are 4 integrated templates for light design

Price: £1,069.30
List Price: £1,258.00
discounts info
Discounts info
Price: £1,069.30
List Price: £1,258.00
Discount: £188.70 (15.00%)

 In Stock


Broncolor Litepipe P (32.452.00)

Lightweight, versatile and foldable – this is what makes the Litepipe P the ideal companion for any photographer in the studio and on location. Consisting of only five components, this revolutionary, lightweight light shaper is mounted and ready for use in just 60 seconds.

As normal for broncolor, Litepipe P stands out for its robustness and high quality, essential for reliable use over a period of many years.

  • Flash from 3200 Joules to 1.5 Joules
  • 360-degree illumination
  • Counter reflectors for homogeneous light control
  • Angle of reflected light and light hardness are both adjustable
  • Diffuse light can be achieved by using a matted foil
  • Homogeneous and individually adjustable light
  • A small, compact package
  • Compatible with all broncolor flash units (Pulso G, Litos, MobiLED, Siros, Unilite, older broncolor lamps w. Pulso bayonet)
Price: £1,023.00

 Shipped direct from supplier


Profoto ProBox (900561)

Small box for lighting small reflective objects.

This 20x30 cm box light, with extremely even illumination from corner to corner, is the perfect light source for small reflecting objects. Several boxes can be grouped together to achive a larger lighting area. Directly mounted on all Profoto flash heads like a reflector.

Price: £989.02

 Special Order


Profoto Hardbox (100718)

As close to direct sunlight as you can come in a studio environment.

The Hardbox is basically the opposite of a softbox. In other words, it eliminates stray light and reduces the size of the light source. This allows you to create a light that is rich in contrast and very similar to direct sunlight with deep sharp shadows and pinpoint-sized highlights.


Price: £929.00

 Special Order


Broncolor UV Attachment (33.626.00)

The UV Attachment eliminates practically the entire visible light of the flash. Only the UV part remains. This enables unlimited applications in technical (reproduction, material analyse, forensic photography etc.) and also in creative photography, wherever dyes are being used.

Lamp angle approx. 50° for monolights, Pulso G and Unilite lamps.

Price: £900.00

 Shipped direct from supplier


Broncolor Balloon Globe (33.161.00)

Broncolor Balloon 360º Globe (33.161.00)

This area light with its all round light angle of 360° is ideal for shooting naturally illuminated interiors. It is, however, also used regularly and with success in fashion, beauty and product photography

Price: £848.00

 Shipped direct from supplier


Broncolor Picobox Boxlight (33.128.00)

<h1>Broncolor Picobox Boxlight (33.128.00)</h1>

<p>An acrylic diffuser with a lamp surface measuring 15 x 25 cm (5.9 x 9.8”). The extremely homogeneous illumination is particularly suitable for precise and clearly defined mirror-projection even in the smallest objects</p>
Price: £774.00

 Shipped direct from supplier


Broncolor Fresnel Spot Attachment for Mobilite 2 / Picolite (33.631.00)

Broncolor Fresnal Spot Attachment (33.631.00)

The popular Fresnel light for small set-ups. A variable light angle adjustment range enables precise lighting control

For mobilite 2/picolite

Price: £504.00

 Shipped direct from supplier


Broncolor Attachment with 3x Honeycomb Grids and 2x Aperture Masks for Mobilite 2 / Picolite (33.204.00)

Broncolor Attachment w/ 3 honeycomb grids & 2 aperture masks (33.204.00)

Three different honeycomb grids at the end of a tubus enable the application of the well-known honeycomb light on small objects. Two apertures reduce the lamp angle (if required) even further

Price: £427.00

 Shipped direct from supplier


Profoto Clear Cover for Large StripLight (100756)

Clear Front Cover for StripLight Large (100756)

for faster light fall-off and more character.

Price: £414.00

 ETA 7-10 working days


Broncolor Pulso Adapter for Mobilite 2 / Picolite (33.501.00)

The Broncolor Pulso Adapter for Mobilite 2 / Picolite allows Mobilite and Picolite flash heads to use standard Pulso mount reflectors and accessories.

Price: £230.00

 In Stock


Matthews 48" x 48" Cutter (Black Flag) (169027)

The Matthews Studio Equipment 48" x 48" (122x122cm) Cutter Flag is a light modifier that helps control natural or artificial light. It can be used to protect the camera lens from flares, control spill light from other sources, or keep light from reaching an area on the set.



  • Used on-set to control natural or artificial light
  • Square frames with mounting pins attached
  • Control spill light and protect camera lens from flares
Price: £150.00

 In Stock


Profoto SpillKill Reflector (100794)

Reduces stray light.

If you have attached the optional glass dome and an umbrella to your monolight, and you want to reduce the amount of stray light, use the SpillKill.

  • Reduces stray light from your monolight when used with a glass dome and an umbrella.
  • Designed for years of everyday use.
Price: £119.00

 In Stock

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