Time is ticking for qualifying companies to make their super-deduction claim for 130% tax relief on qualifying new plant and machinery equipment. We know there might be a lot of companies out there that could benefit by offsetting some of your profit against capital expenditure.

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Included is a variety of items that we supply here at AJ’s. Please get in touch with us ASAP if you are a qualifying company to make an order of qualifying equipment. Orders should be paid for in full.

What is a super deduction?

The super-deduction lets you deduct up to 130% of the cost from your profits before tax. 50% special rate first year allowance lets you deduct 50% of the cost from your profits before tax.

The super-deduction and 50% special rate first year allowance

There are 2 types of temporary first year allowances:
    •    the super-deduction
    •    50% special rate first year allowance (also known as SR allowance)
You can claim them both against the cost of certain plant and machinery you buy for your business from 1 April 2021 up to and including 31 March 2023.
To claim either allowance, the plant and machinery must be new and unused.
Only companies can claim these allowances.

    More Info

    We recommend that you get in contact with your accountant / tax advisor to check your eligibility prior to making a purchase.

    For further details here's a link to the government website. This is an external link and we are not responsible for the content on this website.


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