Profoto Softlight Kit (inc. Softlight White, Grid and Diffuser) (901183)

Profoto Softlight Reflector Kit (inc. Softlight White, Grid and Diffuser) (901183)

Price: £650.00
Weight: 2.500 Kgs
Code: 901183

The Beauty Dish.

Photographers often refer to the Softlight Reflector White as the “Beauty Dish.” The reason for this nickname is simple: it offers the perfect combination of even light, crisp definition and contrast. The resulting effect is a pristine, natural look with slightly accentuated shadows that is often ideal for portraits and people photography. The white version delivers a softer and slightly more even light than its silver counterpart.

We suggest purchasing the Profoto Glass Cover Dome – Neutral (101561) if/when using the reflector with a flat-front head like the D1 or B1.

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Sometimes know as the Profoto Beauty Dish, the soft and directional light provides character light which is perfect for your beauty, fashion and portrait photography. The Softlight Reflector is also superb for other purposes, such as product and architectural photography. The 25° grid can be used to narrow the light when precise control is needed.


With the diffuser attached, the light will become even softer.


Kit contains:

  • 1x 100608 Profoto Softlight Reflector White
  • 1x 100609 Profoto 25° Grid
  • 1x 100714 Profoto Diffuser
Beam angle:65 degrees
Diameter:(Dish) 52.5 cm
Depth:(Dish) 19 cm
Weight:(Dish) 1.25 kg
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