Elinchrom Honeycomb Grid 21cm 20º (26053)

Price: £57.00
Weight: 0.072 Kgs
Code: 26053

The 20° grid limits light spread and offers sharper shadows.

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Grids are amongst the most underrated accessories a photographer could own. Those who have tried it can just not live without it.


Grids are not limited to just the hair light like many tend to believe. They can be used in a wide range of situations, such as:

  • A backlight to avoid flaring.
  • A main light to only light the subject (extremely helpful outdoors or to create a black background).
  • A fill light to be extremely precise and not have additional light all over the set.
  • A background light to only light part of the background or to create a more interesting effect.

Reduce modeling lamp power when reflectors are used with grids or snoots. Grids should never be used with 650W modeling lamps.

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