Broncolor Move 1200 L (inc. Pack, Battery and Charger) (31.016.12)

Broncolor Move 1200 L (inc. Pack, Battery and Charger) (31.016.12)

Price: £4,341.60
Weight: 6.800 Kgs
Code: 31.016.12

Buy the Broncolor Move 1200L Pack Directly From The Largest Offical Independent Broncolor Specialist In The UK. Fast Delivery. 2 Year Warranty. 


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The lightweight athlete – First class for on location.

Photographers who spend most of their lives outdoors will love it: the Move 1200 L with lithium battery. A lightweight athlete! Expressed in figures that means 1200 Joules output from only about 6 kg (13 lbs), and no bigger than a camera bag. And the price? Unbeatable.

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The Move's advantages include a full asymmetry of the two lamp connections, while at the same time offering a control range of up to 9 f-stops, absolute colour stability provided by patented broncolor ECTC technology, and flash times as short as 1/20’000 s, which really are adequate for any imaginable photographic task.


No less than eight “protection bumpers” prevent damage to the Move in all three dimensions. Then there is the self-explanatory front panel with LCD display. Here information meets robustness. Equipped with the proven Lithium Power System, this battery power pack promises long periods of use combined with very low weight. Apart from photography, does shooting videos make your pulse quicken? No problem! The continuous light mode from the Move 1200 L, in conjunction with the MobiLED lamp, opens completely new horizons for film sequences with its near-daylight colour tem- perature of 5500 K. And that for over two hours!


Broncolor use innovation as motivation. Although the technologies they have developed are accepted as groundbreaking, they are continuously perfected or further developed. The basis for this is a constant desire to optimise and the continuing study of electrical technologies, new materials and alternative manufacturing processes. Photography is born of light – so it is their mission to accompany its development and to further the advance of technical progress in professional lighting technology.


All Move power packs are “HS” compatible if they have the software version 48.07 or later*. “HS” lets you use flash in combination with very short exposure time settings on your camera. For example, with ambient light, even with the aperture wide open (selective focus), the image can be underexposed correctly with up to 1/8000 s and the Move still lets you set dominant and creative light effects. All you need for this is the RFS 2.2 trigger, which is available for Nikon, Canon and Sony cameras.


Cut-off technology
Flash duration and light output are the two decisive factors in light control. A microprocessor in the Move calculates the shortest or longest flash duration for a given output for you. This enables rapid flash sequences with up to 50 flashes per second.


Constant colour temperature – ECTC
Move is the only on location flash system that maintains the colour temperature over the whole power range at all outputs. The second generation of our patented ECTC (Enhanced Color Temperature Control) technology adapts flash voltage and flash duration to each other, achieves a constant colour temperature over the entire variation range at all lamps.


Individual power distribution
Move has two lamp connections. Each lamp outlet has its own, individual power controller with LED display, which is adjustable independently of the other outlet. The unit therefore behaves like two independent power packs. With Move you have a choice of nine f-stops to set the flash output you need. That is an adjustment range from 4 to 1200 J.


Speed mode
In Speed Mode the charging time and flash duration are reduced by up to 50 %, and the maximum flash energy is reduced by 25%. In this way you can achieve up to ten exposures per second at full output, or up to 50 at reduced power. This makes Move a top class flash unit everywhere that speed is needed. And with its active fan cooling even long flash series are no problem.


Delivered with:

  • 1 x Move 1200 L pack
  • 1 x Rechargeable lithium battery
  • 1 x Battery recharger
  • 1 x Weatherproofed power pack softcase

*For the Move a software update is mandatory and must be done by your specialist after sales dealership.

Energy:1200 Ws
Energy range:9 f-stops (4.5 – 1200 J)
Energy control increments:1/10 or full f-stop intervals, display in Joules or percent
Recycling Time:0,02–1,9s (Speed Mode: 0,02–0,9s)
Flash duration max. energy t 0.5 (t 0.1):1/1000 s (1/350 s)
Lamp connection(s):2 outlets with flash cut-off and ECTC
Power distribution:Symmetrical or individually asymmetric
Colour temp.:5500K constant colour temperature (ECTC)
Modelling light:Halogen, max. 2 × 100 W or 2 × 30 W LED / Setting for duration of modelling light (10/30/60 s) / Operation in continuous lighting mode: over 2 hours
Power supply:Lithium battery (14,4 V / 6,6 AH Li-FePo4 with integrated battery status)
Battery capacity:approx. 170 / 230 (Eco-Mode) at 1200 J and approx. 50,000 at 4 J
Flash release:Manual release button, photocell, RFS 2, sync cable
Remote control:Operational distance outdoors up to 50 m (164 ft) (potential range up to 300 m [984 ft]) / Operational distance indoors up to 30 m (98 ft) (potential range up to 300 m [984 ft])
Height:(without handle) 23 cm (9")
Length:(without handle) 21 cm (8,3")
Width:(without handle) 17 cm (6,79")
Weight:(inc. battery) 6.2 kg
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