Broncolor Senso A2 1200 J RFS 2 Studio Pack (31.050.12)

Broncolor Senso 1200 RFS 2 Studio Pack (31.050.12)

Price: £2,658.00
Weight: 5.500 Kgs
Code: 31.050.12

The easiest and most affordable start into the broncolor system.

Senso A delivers genuine studio performance for the price of a compact system. Newcomers can expect total power for a modest investment. Seasoned professionals will appreciate the extra lighting capability that is fully compatible with the existing broncolor product line. Dependable, lightweight, affordable – Senso power packs are designed for photographers who are often on the road. Senso operates on 240 V and 100 V.

Senso unites all the features of a studio flash system in a compact format that is ideal for on-location work.

In brief:

  • 3 lamp outlets
  • Max. output 2400 J and min. output just 26 J with the Senso A4 or 1200 J and just 13 J with the Senso A2 • Control range across 6.5 f-stops in full and 1/10 f-stops
  • Symmetric and asymmetric power distribution
  • Short flash duration, short charging times
  • Well organised front panel with digital display per channel and illuminated keypad
  • Output display switchable from f-stops to joules (watt seconds)

 Shipped direct from our supplier – available within 2 to 4 weeks

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Despite their attractive price, Senso power packs are fully fledged studio units. Powerful and functional. Dependable and durable. Because of their compact design and low weight, they are eminently suited for work on location.


Because Senso power packs and Litos lamps are remarkably compact and lightweight, they are easy to carry along on out-of-studio shoots. Where only poorly fused power outlets are available, Senso can be switched to the slow charging mode. On travel, the dual-voltage Senso can be switched from 230 V to 100 V.


A case that is hardly larger than a medium-format system container accommodates the power pack and two lamps.


The large control range enables subtle light control and the comprehensive line of light shapers assures unhindered freedom in design – ideal prerequisites for creative beauty and portrait photography.


With a short charging time of 0.4 s at the lowest output level and 1.5 s (Senso A2) with maximum flash settings, the Senso power pack delivers fast sequential flashes to capture moving models. Depending on the output, flash duration at 600 J has only 1/1200 s (t 0.5).


Still and advertising
With ample light output, a bright modelling light, and a compre- hensive spectrum of accessories, Senso has everything it takes for professional still and advertising photography.

Energy:1200 Ws
Energy range:6.5 f-stops (13 J to 1200 J (1 lamp) with activated symmetry switch)
Energy control increments:1/10 f-stop intervals
Recycling Time:0.4 – 1.5 s (200-240 V)
Lamp connection(s):3
Power distribution:free asymmetry up to 5 f-stops in whole and 1/10 f-stop intervals
Flash release:Manual release button, photocell, RfS 2 receiver (radio frequency), sync cable
Ready indicator:Visual and audible (can be switched off), signals when 100% of selected energy is reached
Sync socket(s):1
Total size:203 × 148 × 218 mm (8 × 5,8 × 8,6”) excl. handle
Weight:4.6 kg
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