Broncolor Para 133 Reflector (33.550.00)

Broncolor Para 133 Reflector (33.550.00)

Price: £1,825.20
Weight: 4.000 Kgs
Code: 33.550.00

A Para never ceases to impress!

There is no other light that gives bodies, faces and products that much volume and plasticity. No other light is so soft and yet allows skin to glow so wonderfully natural. The broncolor Paras are the most flexible lighting system ever! Whether as a powerful spot, a soft cloud of light, fitted with diffusers or honeycomb grids or used with flash or continuous light – you get exactly the light you want. Always. Everywhere.

Note: Stand and Head are NOT included. This listing is for the Para 133 Reflector ONLY. Please see our other listings for Para 133 Kits or call us for options not listed.

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"Each time after the prelight, I am amazed at how beautifully the Para has three-dimensionally modelled the face or body!" – Damien Krisl

Beside the new dimension, broncolor have equipped the Para 133 with an improved focusing system (similar to the one for Para 177 and 222). They have copied the sensational opening mechanism from the small brother Para 88. With only two quick hand movements on four straining levers, Para 133 is built up in a few seconds. As a further highlight it may be also used without the focusing unit directly as a reflector, such as Para 88.

Para 133 is hardly heavier than the Para 88 (3kg) and, thanks to the practical design, extremely mobile with a high light output simultaneously – ideal for outdoor shoots, small studios and while travelling. With the improved focusing system, the Para 133 is even more compact. With the available diffusers and the light grid your creativity is unlimited!


Paras 88 and 133

Regardless of the diameter, all Paras have 24 reflector segments that help to provide the near perfect parabolic shape which is needed for optimum and variable light design. All the sizes have a long focus length in common which allows the light to be varied between almost parallel (focussed) to extremely scattered (defocused).

For Paras 88 and 133 – the mobile, small Paras – broncolor has developed a special, patented opening mechanism. Just two quick hand movements on the four clamping brackets allow the Paras to be set up in seconds.

As a further highlight, they can also be mounted directly (without the focusing device) as reflectors for other broncolor lamp heads.

As well as their opening mechanism, the two smaller Paras also differ from their big brothers in the reflector material. Due to their smaller size, broncolor deliberately uses a slightly textured reflector material so as to ensure that the light is not too aggressive.

All the models have very light and sturdy materials in common. Whilst the main structure is made primarily of aluminium, the rods are made of fibre glass or carbon fibre – titanium alloy for the small Paras. Technology that's normally reserved for motorsport!


Kit includes:

  • 1 x Para 133 reflector
  • 1 x Flash bag 2



Allowed max. energy: 3200 J (800 W HMI)

F-stop at 2 m (6 1/2 ft) distance: f: 90 4/10

F-stop at 10 m (33 ft) distance: f: 22 6/10

Inside Coating: Silver

Dimensions Open (without stand): 88 x 120 cm (35 x 47")

Dimensions Closed (without stand): 112 x 32 cm (44 x 13")

Weight: 6.5 kg (14.3 lbs)

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