Broncolor HMI 200 Starter Kit (41.111.12)

Broncolor HMI F200 Starter Kit (41.111.12)

Price: £5,101.20
Weight: 10.000 Kgs
Code: 41.111.12

Sometimes you need flash, sometimes continuous lighting... and sometimes both.

No exceptional situation is like any other and no daylight is like any other. That is why you can adapt HMI lamps to widely differing conditions. To help with this you have not only the familiar broncolor reflectors, but also an additional range of Open Face and PAR reflectors, especially designed for continuous lighting. The 200 and 400 Watt  HMI lamp models do not have ventilators, so are absolutely silent, which makes the suitable for recordings with original sound.

 Shipped direct from our supplier – available within 2 to 4 weeks

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You know how it is...

You're taking photographs and your client comes on the set with a spontaneous idea: "How about making a video as well?" Being ready in these cases means having a lot of equipment. And a lot of equipment means hard work.

The solution?

You work with ultra-compact, modular and expandable broncolor Continuous Lighting Systems. Daylight illumination of a set for photos and for a video shooting? No problem! With broncolor HMI you have perfect daylight with you, anywhere and any time.

At the touch of a button HMI lamps provide you with more than enough daylight. And they will amaze you with how little power they consume. Expressed in figures they have three times the energy efficiency of halogen lamps and they give substantially more light than LED lamps. In addition they provide you with ways to form and control your light beams at precisely the point you need. Because light colour and colour spectrum are always coordinated, you will have no trouble mixing the light with flash or sunlight without correction filters.

Do you often take photographs or film outdoors? HMI lamp housings are robust and weather-resistant*; they operate safely and reliably under the hardest conditions.

*HMI F200 /F400

What if I don’t have any broncolor light modifiers?

Then the Starter Kit is the perfect basic configuration in case you are frequently on the road and may have to produce videos or take photographs. It contains a focusable HMI Lamp, an Open Face reflector, one 4-leaf barn-door, a diffusion and artificial light filter, an adapter for almost all broncolor light modifiers, and a softbox.

The complete equipment, whether Starter Kit or Crossover Kit, is stored and protected in a spacious and robust transport case.


Kit includes:

  • 1 lamp / fixture HMI F200 incl. lamp / bulb
  • 1 electronic ballast unit HMI 200
  • 1 Open Face reflector
  • 1 4-leaf barn door for Open Face
  • 1 diffusion filter
  • 1 conversion filter (3200 K)
  • 1 light “schott ring”
  • 1 bag for 5 lenses or filter
  • 1 adapter for broncolor light shaper
  • 1 adapter ring (speed ring) Ø 169 mm (6 5/8”)
  • 1 softbox “Video Pro XS” 40 × 55 cm (15.7 × 21.6”)
  • 1 bag


Technical Specs:

F200 Lamp

  • Power output: 200 W
  • F-stop at 2 m (6 1⁄2 ft), 100 ISO, 1/60: f:8 7/10 (Open Face)
  • Focusing: yes
  • Safety class: IP 54* (weatherproof)
  • broncolor light shaper connection: with adapter (33.502.00**)
  • Mains voltage: 85 – 265 V
  • Cable length: 5 m (16 ft)
  • Dimensions (L×W×H): 13 × 14,2 × 14,2 cm (5,1 × 5,6 × 5,6“)
  • Weight: 1,2 kg (2,6 lbs)

* with Open Face and PAR reflector
** incl. in the kit

HMI 200

  • Power output: 200 W
  • Compatible with daylight lamps: HMI F200
  • Dimming: 100% – 60%
  • Flicker-free operation & thermal protection: yes
  • Safety class: IP 54 (weatherproof)
  • Automatic adaptation to the respective mains voltage: 90 V – 265 V
  • Dimensions (L×W×H): 23,5 × 16 × 8,5 cm (9,2 × 6,3 × 3,3“)
  • Weight: 1,7 kg (3,7 lbs)
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