Broncolor Diffuser 3 for Para 88 (High Diffusion) (33.474.00)

Broncolor Diffuser 3 (Full Diffusion) for Para 88 (33.474.00)

Price: £220.80
Weight: 0.350 Kgs
Code: 33.474.00

The Broncolor Diffuser 3 is a translucent cloth accessory that fits over the front of the Para and affects a very noticeable -1 1/2 f-stop reduction in both the output and contrast of the light.

Compatible with the Para 88.

 Shipped direct from our supplier – usually held in stock, but please contact us for an accurate ETA

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Diffuser 3 closes off the reflector completely. The white cloth is not transparent, and all the light is scattered. The result is an extremely homogeneous, very soft and low-contrast light. The properties of this Para FB / Para 88 light are comparable to those of a softbox of the same size.

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