Godox LP-800X Lithuium Ion Power Invertor Portable Battery (LP-800X)

Godox Leadpower LP-800X Lithium Ion Power Inverter (LP800X)

Price: £649.00
Weight: 7.000 Kgs
Code: LP800X

Outdoor AC power supply and indoor emergency supply.

The Godox LP-800x Lithium Ion Power Inverter works with multiple bi-voltage monolights / flash units and is capable of over 1200x 300w/s flashes from full power, without impeding recycle time.

Weighing just 6.2kg this is an extremely portable unit at an extremely affordable price. All units come with a carrying case for ease and comfort when transporting. Also features 3 USB ports to charge a mobile, tablet or laptop.


 Shipped direct from our supplier – please contact us for an ETA

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  • Dual working modes - flash mode & non-flash mode
  • Battery unit is user replaceable and detachable from control unit
  • 3 USB sockets for powering electronics with the USB. e.g. iPhone and iPad.
  • Can be connected to an external storage battery to supply energy for longer.
  • Pure sine wave output.
  • Output voltage of 230V/50Hz.
  • Continuous power supply up to 750W.
  • Built-in self-adjustable cooling fan.
  • Automatic protection against overload, short circuit and overheating.

The 'Flash' (flash mode) is specially designed for use with flash heads. It is also applicable to electrical appliances with rated power. However. in this mode the power saving function is not available so the the built-in battery can only stand by for between 13 to 20 hours.


In 'Normal' (non-flash mode) the use of flashes is not available. In this mode the power saving function is available so that the built-in battery can stand by for up to 100 hours.


The three AC output sockets are in parallel connection and each is able output the maximum power. The socket is universal and applicable in all countries and regions. No adapter is required.


Recycle time does not change if the flash recycles within 1 second and does not exceed 800W/S. However, if the load exceeds 800W/S. the recycling becomes longer but does not exceed 5s. Recycle time does not change if the flash recycles within 2-3 seconds and does not exceed 2400W/S. However, if load exceeds 2400W/S the recycling becomes longer but does not exceed 5s. Recycle time does not change if the flash recycles in 3 seconds and does not exceed 3000W/S. However, if load exceeds 3000W/S the recycling becomes longer but does not exceed 5s.


Delivered with:

  • Main body - Control Unit
  • Li-Ion Battery Unit
  • Charger
  • Charger Power Cable
  • Shoulder Bag


Type: Battery Inverter
Continuous Output: 750w
Peak Output: 1400w
Input Voltage: 11-15.5V
Output Voltage: 230V/50Hz
Storage Temperature: -30º to +70º C
Operating Temperature: -10º to +45º C
Battery Type: LiFePO4
Battery Capacity: 12Ah (12.8V)
Charge Time: ~3 hrs

Size:267 x 206 x 292mm
Weight:6.2 kg
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