*DISCONTINUED* Elinchrom Zoom Spot 18-36º (26481)

Price: £945.00
Weight: 5.920 Kgs
Code: 26481

*DISCONTINUED* Elinchrom fresnel and projection spots satisfy many professional needs for sophisticated directional lighting in portrait and commercial photography.

The Zoom Spot has high quality lenses for control of image size and sharpness, complete with four integral masking blades. Various accessories can be fitted and to simplify maintenance, the lenses are easily accessible for cleaning. Usable with any fan cooled Elinchrom head.

Note: Flash head is not included with this item.

 Special Order – Contact us for an ETA.

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*DISCONTINUED* Spot accessories are neither the most common, nor the cheapest. However they are incredibly powerful tools in any photographer's hands.


The Zoom Spot offers control of image size and sharpness, complete with four integral masking blades. Various accessories can be fitted and to simplify maintenance, the lenses are easily accessible for cleaning.

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