Elinchrom Fibre Optic Kit (26430)

Price: £1,755.00
Weight: 5.680 Kgs
Code: 26430

Obtain detailed photographs with the Fibre Optic captor.

The Fibre Optic captor holds up to three cables, each one metre long and 10 mm in diameter for maximum light transmission. Correctly colour balanced, they are indispensable for most small object-photography whilst they dynamise larger subjects by highlighting or throwing long isolated shadows.

Usable with any ventilated Elinchrom head.

Note: This set does not include any flash heads.

 Special Order – Contact us for an ETA.

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This is an essential accessory for small items flash photography, such as macro, watches and jewellery. The cables in which the light transmits enable precise lighting control.

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