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Dedolight Eye filter attachment (fits Classic 150 lenses & DP400-185 only) (DPEYESET)

Dedolight Eye Filter Attachment (for Classic 150 Lenses and DP400-185) (DPEYESET)

Price: £68.40
Weight: 1.000 Kgs

Eye filter attachment for Dedolight Lenses – a special accessory that diffuses projected light without distorting the image, provides a unique quality of light and be added to accent and focus attention onto subjects with precision and subtlety.

Fits the Classic 150 lenses and DP400-185 only.

  • Place an order for £480.00 + Buy Dedolight Eye Filter Attachment (for Classic 150 Lenses and DP400-185) (DPEYESET) or other a product from our Promo Selection to get free shipping.

 Shipped direct from our supplier – please contact us for an ETA

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The novel idea for the eye attachment came from Director of Photography, Julio Macat. Before shooting feature films like “Home Alone,” he had worked on many music videos. He loves to highlight the actors’ eyes. In the past, he used dedolights with barn doors for this effect. Dedo suggested using the dedolight projection attachment but found that, even when unfocusing the lens, the effect was too harsh. Traditional diffusion materials or various camera filters did not improve the effect.


This gave them the idea of developing special filters for creating soft-edged effects. The purpose being to soften the shadow edge in various degrees without causing a lot of stray light. These new filters are different from traditional diffusion filters.


The eye attachment consists of three filters (#1 - #3) and a filter holder which fits all classic Imager projection lenses and the DP400-185 (Imager 400). It can accept one, two or three filters simultaneously, providing seven different variations for softening the shadow edge.


The weakest filter (#1) just takes the edge off a shadow border. Using the strongest filter (#3) or a combination, one can create a transition so gentle and flowing that the effect is no longer obvious. What remains is a beautifully glowing effect. Dedo have called this filter set “Julio’s Eyes” because of its history.


The effect of these three filters can be fine tuned by the focusing range of the projection lens. An additional variation is achieved by focusing the dedolight head itself.


Compatible with:

  • DPL60M
  • DPL85M
  • DPLZ120M
  • DPLZ150M
  • DPL150M
  • DPL185M
  • DP400-185

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