Dedolight Dichroic tungsten conversion filter (classic Series) (DTCF)

Dedolight Dichroic Tungsten Conversion Filter (Classic Series) (DTCF)

Price: £87.48
List Price: £97.20
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Weight: 1.000 Kgs
Code: DTCF

This orange dichroic glass filter converts the light of the DLH200D from daylight to tungsten (when a daylight lamp is used), from 5600 K to approximately 3200 K.

Light loss, 1 stop.

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This high heat-resistant glass filters is mounted in a round metal frame (Ø 76 mm, 3") fitted with a plastic handle for safe removal when hot. Filters can be inserted directly into the filter slot of the Classic dedolights and DLH200DT.

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