Dedolight Cirro Budget Kit Basic (3x DLH4) (CBH3B)

Dedolight Cirro Budget Kit Basic (3x DLH4) (CBH3B)

Price: £2,271.60
Weight: 13.000 Kgs
Code: CBH3B

Buy right, Buy once!

That is definitely the case when purchasing lights and is never truer than with these unique optical tools that inspire phrases like “painting with light”.

The CBH3B is a kit containing the core essentials, it can be added to with any number of accessories as need arises, or used as is for its optical versatility and reliability as is.

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Dedo's multi award winning optical system is used throughout the film and television industry it is indispensable and highly versatile and reliable. The fourth generation DLH4 light head is the single, bestselling professional, precision light source in the world. This new generation incorporates the award winning Aspherics² lens combination and zoom focus. The many power options and unprecedented range of accessories make it a uniquely versatile instrument.


The Dedolight is an Academy Award winning lighting fixture which is highly regarded as an essential by many cameramen internationally.


Head can operate 12v or 24v with relevant cable accessories.

  • DT24-1E (230/240 V AC input)
  • Output: 0 V – 24 V/150 W max.
  • Controls: Variable functions switch for:
    • 3400 K (maximum output)
    • 3200 K
  • Continuous dimming from Maximum to minimum


Kit includes:

  • 3x DLH4 - Aspherics² light head, 100W/150W tungsten
  • 3x DT24-1E - Power supply 1 x 24V/150W (230VAC)
  • 3x DST - Dedolight stand
  • 1x CLAMP1 - Dedolight clamp
  • 3x DBD8 - Standard barn door (eight leaves)
  • 3x DFH - Gel filter holder
  • 6x DL150 - Lamp 150W / 24V
  • 1x DLBOX - Plastic Box
  • 1x CBBAG - Budget Bag
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