Dedolight 400D Dedolight System Complete (SYS-400DT)

Dedolight 402D Dedolight System Complete (SYS-402DT)

Price: £4,112.64
List Price: £4,569.60
Discount: £456.96 (10.00%)
Weight: 10.000 Kgs
Code: SYS-402DT

A favourite with commercial Directors of Photography – the Dedolight 400 MSR (Daylight) offers excellent optical quality with an unparalleled spot to flood ratio and clean beam – this combination provides a superior level of control with both the barn doors and also with clean shadow characteristics.

Replaces older SYS-400DT

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A fixture for single ended 400 W daylight metal halide lamps with unrivalled focusing range and unequalled light quality. Can be operated at 575W with the same lamp when used in conjunction with the Dedolight DEB400D electronic ballast.


Now also available with a tungsten metal halide lamp.


Matches optical design of the DP400 projection attachment for flawless performance.

  • Focus Angle:  4.5° – 50°
  • Spot to Flood Ratio:  1:20
  • Header Cable:  DPOW400DT, 7m (23’)
  • Mounting:  16mm Receiver & 28mm Spigot
  • UV:  Extremely Low UV emission
  • Weight (Head):  4.4kg
  • Weight (Ballast):  3.4kg


System includes:

  • 1x  DLH402DT Light head, 400/575 W daylight/tungsten
  • 1x  DBD400 Barn door (Series 400)
  • 1x  DPOW400DT Light head cable (to ballast)
  • 1x  DEB402DT flicker free ballast, 400/575W
  • 1x  DL400HR 400/575 W daylight lamp (clear)
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