Dedolight Dedoflex Silver Dome, Medium (DSBSM)

Dedolight Dedoflex Silver Dome Softbox, Medium (DSBSM)

Price: £279.60
Weight: 1.000 Kgs

dedoflex silver dome, medium

With the possibility to control the light beam further with the Dedoflex Grids, the Silver Dome is ideal for interview and portrait situations.

Optional Accessory Grid: DLGRIDM (not included, but available seperately)

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Soft box for the following soft heads - puts the lamp into the optical centre of the box for maximum output and even coverage:

  • DLH1x150S
  • DLH1x300S 
  • DLH200SDT – HMI Daylight version
  • DLH400SDT – HMI Daylight version
  • DLH4X150S
  • DLH1000S
  • DLH1000SPLUS 
Diameter:61 x 81 cm (24 x 32")
Depth:43 cm (17")
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