Elinchrom Quadra Pro Head (S Head) (20121)

Price: £330.00
Weight: 1.000 Kgs
Code: 20121

The Pro head offers a slower flash duration for universal use.

If you want to go with the ELB 400 portable battery flash, you’ll have to choose between 3 flash heads: the Pro, the Action and the HS head.

The Pro head is the standard head for universal uses. It’s the perfect flash for portraits and still subjects. It offers a great balance between performance and price.

  • 50 W equivalent daylight balanced and bright LED modelling lamp
  • Super portable, only 0.28 kg
  • Compact size, just 9 x 8 x 11 cm 
  • Interchangeable flash cables
  • Plug-in flashtube
  • Umbrella fitting for EL umbrellas ø 7mm, up to 105 cm diameter
  • Includes a 2.5 m flash cable

Please note: The Hi-Sync usage is limited and depends on the camera, larger Sensors and mirror mechanics may limit the max sync shutter speeds.

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The Pro flash head offers a slower flash duration compared to the Action head but is faster compared to the HS head. At full power on an ELB 400, the Pro head offers at t0.5 a flash duration of 1/1200th second. For Still-Life and portraits or where the subject is not moving, this is a fast enough flash duration for sharp images. But if the subject is moving then this flash duration will not be fast enough to stop the motion of the subject at normal flash sync shutter speeds, i.e. at 1/250th second or below. 


The Pro head can be used in Hi-Sync mode with the latest EL-Skyport Plus HS transmitter, but there will be quite a bit more gradation in the image compared to the HS head. The maximum shutter speeds and the gradation will depend on the camera used. Large sensors, with mechanical parts for the shutter and the mirror, as well as the camera firmware and the chosen shutter speed will affect the results. Mirrorless cameras can handle Hi-Sync very well.


If you don't shoot action and only want to buy one flash head that can work with Hi-Sync to some degree and also create nice sharp portraits, then the Pro head is a good option.


Delivered with:

  • Pro Head
  • Head Cable 2.5m (11001)
  • Reflector 13.5cm (26145)
  • Multifunction Cap (25100)
  • Protective Head Cap (25101)
Colour temp.:5500 °K
Modelling light:LED: 50 W (not dimmable)
Size:9 x 8 x 11 cm
Weight:0.28 kg
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