Elinchrom FS30 Fresnel Spot (26451)

Price: £1,599.00
Weight: 5.000 Kgs
Code: 26451

Spot accessories are neither the most common, nor the cheapest. However they are incredibly powerful tools in any photographer's hands. Elinchrom's Fresnel FS30 is for the professional who needs sophisticated directional lighting in portrait and commercial photography at an affordable price.

Usable with any fan cooled Elinchrom head. 

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The Elinchrom FS30 Fresnel Spot Lighting Head offers very directional deep shadows with intense colour saturation, 3 dimensionality is guaranteed. Efficient optics and high Swiss precision mechanical engineering ensures the highest quality of light. With a lens diameter of 30cm and a variable angle of 20° to 60°, the Fresnel Spot 30 offers a classic cinema light, ideal for fashion and beauty photography.


The FS30 is supplied with the Elinchrom ProTec FS30 Rolling Case, making it easily transportable and protected in transit. Compatible with an optional magnetic filter holder which can be purchased as part of the FS30 Accessory Set with a selection of 10 colour filters.


A Profoto head is compatible with the addition of the Elinchrom Profoto Adapter (26333).



  • Provided with efficient optics
  • 30cm Lens diameter
  • Variable Light angle 20º to 60º
  • High Swiss precision mechanical engineering
  • To combine with every Elinchrom lamp.
  • Including an elegant rolling case for storage and transport


User Tip: When used with the ELC Pro HD or the Zoom Heads, we suggest to use the frosted glass dome (optional), this optimises the already excellent light distribution.

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