ShooTools Motion Plus for Slider / Slider Pro / Modula (SH12030205)

Price: £900.00
Weight: 2.000 Kgs
Code: SH12030205


Upgrade your Slider with the Motion Plus. In just a few minutes, you can motorize your Slider to make extremely fluid tracking shots and timelapses.


  • Controller
  • Motion Kit
  • Motor 55
  • Motor 09
  • Link Cable
  • Battery Charger
  • Bag

5-YEAR INTERNATIONAL GUARANTEE! (Please refer to Terms of Sale and Guarantee section)

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Available for dispatch within 5 working days.

Note: a Shutter Cable must be purchased with EACH Motion Plus (Kit or Control) to use the Timelapse and Intervalometer functions.

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Thanks to this excellent kit you can upgrade all sizes of the Modula 3 in 1 range. In just a few minutes, you can motorize your Sliders to make extremely fluid tracking shots and timelapses. The battery lasts up to 1800 Tracking Shots or 48 consecutive hours in TimeLapse mode.


The controller has two functions, Tracking Shot and TimeLapse, with 3 different operating modes: Loop, Sync and No Stop.

The controller software (made in Italy) allows you to make amazing Timelapses thanks to its remote-control timer features, which synchronizes with the motion of the carriage. There's no need to worry about power feeding problems – a battery pack with 12-hour working time is integrated in the controller.   

Two motors are included with different gear ratios: 55 RPM and 09 RPM, which are easily interchanged by the operator with no need for any tools. The motor can quickly be released from the slider to allow manual use.

MOTION PLUS uses SMS (Shoot-Move-Shoot) Technology that allows you to synchronize the track move with the Reflex shutter. This feature gives you the possibility to use any exposure time, with no worry about motion blur. The pause between a move and another can be set in a range from 1 second to 99 hours, thanks to an intervalometer integrated into the controller.

Amazingly precise, the minimal shift is just 0.01mm!

Extremely precise and fluid tracking shots; with opportunity to manage speed, direction, acceleration and deceleration ramps.

Tracking shots can: automatically finish at the track-end or can detour in an endless movement (Loop), can start and stop recording when synchronized with the tracking shots beginning and end (Sync) or can record continually (No Stop).

The Motion Plus features an easy-to-use Stop Motion mode, giving your equipment a new level of movement.

Achieve amazing Macro Tracking Shots with a minimum speed of 2mm/sec and a maximum speed of 100mm/sec.

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