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California Sunbounce Bounce-Wall Portrait Kit (BWS-PORTRAIT)

California Sunbounce Bounce-Wall On-Camera Reflector Portrait Kit (BWS-PORTRAIT)

Price: £180.00
Weight: 0.500 Kgs

Forget all the static, stationary studio lighting setups when you want to be able to create professional portraits. Portraiture has never been easier than with with the Bounce-Wall – the smallest reflector in the Sunbounce family.

It is unique, always with you and always positioned in the right place for the perfect portrait. Photos, videos and film all benefit from this new lighting technique.

  • Place an order for £480.00 + Buy California Sunbounce Bounce-Wall On-Camera Reflector Portrait Kit (BWS-PORTRAIT) or other a product from our Promo Selection to get free shipping.

 Special Order – Shipped direct from Germany. Contact us for an ETA.

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The Bounce-Wall creates lively and professional studio lighting with all pivotable attachable flash-units.  Light is cast by the 45/45 degree rule: slightly from the side and slightly from above, with ambient light following the same direction too. From the left or from the right, further forward or further backward – it is your decision. The light distribution is still measured from the "optical axis", so only light that the camera sees through the lens is measured.

The Bounce-Wall

  • Allows for a clean, complete use of the TTL control using the original contacts between camera and flash-unit without additional cables or expensive control devices. The weight of the camera always remains in the camera axis above its optical parts for stability.
  • Offers simple handling with immediate professional result.
  • Is as light as a feather, robust but also elastic and can avoid obstacles, like the twigs of a willow. It is compactly stowable and quick to put to use.
  • Is superior to every yoghurt pot-like attachable flash-unit.
  • Professionalizes event and portrait photography in a way not known before, as well as enhancing colour.

Silver/White – Neutral reflection. Hard light remains hard and soft light remains soft. Good light scoop.


The Sunbounce Sun-Mover is the perfect 'light canon' with a unique, oval construction and two integrated focussing handles.


The Black-Hole screen is the perfect background for portraits. The screen absorbs a huge amount of light, giving a deep background perfect for giving the subject maximum prominence. The back is Black Matte, helping to soak-up any extra unwanted light.


We don't list the Sun-Mover on our website, but can supply it if needed. Give us a call to find out more.


Third-Hand Belt-Clip
The Belt-Clip from Sunbounce allows you to use either of the three smallest Sunbounce reflectors (Bounce-Wall, Micro-Mini and Mini), whilst freeing up both of your hands to take photos. Attach a reflector to the Third-Hand Belt-Clip, which attaches to your belt, to give completely hands-free operation!


The Hardcover fits and protects 2 Bounce-Wall Reflectors.


Kit includes:

  • Bounce-Wall Kit (w/ Silver Reflector) (BWS-B410)
  • Sun-Mover – Black-Hole (SM8-84H)
  • Third-Hand Belt-Clip (730-BCL)
  • Hardcover for Bounce-Wall Reflector (BWS-HC)

Note: The reflector colours shown are not binding, due to technical reasons.

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