California Sunbounce 'The Cage' (888-8MX)

California Sunbounce 'The Cage' Scrim Mobile Studio Kit (888-8MX-CS)

Price: £2,375.00
Weight: 20.000 Kgs
Code: 888-8MX-CS

This item can only be provided on request. Please contact us to find out about availability and ETA.

No matter the location, whether it be at home, outside on the lawn, at the beach, in the forest, in a factory or in a poorly lit gymnasium, there will always be shoots where you want the same perfectly controlled lighting environment time and again – just like in your own studio.

Sturdy, practical and quick to assemble/dissmantle. This is 'The Cage', perfect for any discerning professional photographer.

We can also supply seperate parts and accessories. Please call or email to discuss what we offer.

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 Special Order – Shipped direct from Germany. Contact us for an ETA.

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The Cage can be assembled by an assistant in less than 15 minutes (as long as they have assembled The Cage at least once before). They only require help from a second person for 2 minutes.


You can open the top of The Cage and use a soft translucent screen, or close the top to block the light completely; open or close the top, sides, front or back to natural light, with the sun from the left, right or top by re-orienting The Cage; or add your own light from any direction – you have unlimited lighting options.

  • The front of The Cage is open, so that you can photograph into it. This opening is also used for direct, targeted light control.
  • The left and right sides are equipped with a Translucent -2/3rd f-stop diffuser material (like that found on Sun-Bouncer Reflectors) and a black cloth for shading. During assembly, you can select whether the diffuser should be on the left or right side, depending on the position of the sun.
  • The back is fitted with the black cloth for further shading/deeper backgrounds. It can be rolled up to open the Cage and reveal the location behind. Alternatively, you can fit a very fine cloth (like the No Moiré material Sunbounce produces) which can "invisibly" shade or lighten the background.
  • The roof of The Cage is equipped with a Translucent -2/3rd f-stop diffuser cloth and a black cloth at the same time. Thanks to the practicle zippers attached, you can decide whether you want light or shadow above your subject.

The great thing is that you don't have to only use the cloths/screens provided, you can also use any materials you like! The Sunbounce Sun-Scrim 8x8 Screens are a good choice, offering a wide variety of light modifying options, as well as Green and Blue Chroma backgrounds.


When you're finished, the framework fits into the optional Roller-Bag (750-200B) and the cloths fit into the optional Sunbounce Large Screen-Saver Bag (750-250B).


Delivered with:

  • 1x Butteryfly/Scrim Frame (round craft aluminium tubing: 30/1,5mm) 
  • 2x 8x8' Black (solid) Screens 
  • 2x 8x8' Translucent -2/3rd stop Screens
  • 1x Scrim Cover (Black Polyester)
  • 5x Light Leak Seals
  • 3x Bottom Skirt Seals
  • 10x Bungee-Snakes
  • 100x Ties
  • 1x Bag for Frame 
  • 1x Bag for 5x Butterfly Screens
Total size:8' x 8' x 8' (245 x 245 x 245 cm)
Material:Textile, Heavy Duty Aluminium
Weight:17 kg
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