Elinchrom Square Reflector & Grid Set 44cm (26048)

Price: £145.00
Weight: 2.000 Kgs
Code: 26048

This is a multifunctional reflector.

Without the grid, it is a soft wide-angle reflector. Put the Honeycomb Grid in place and you are left with a soft pool of light ideal for all types of portraiture and small still life subjects. 

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The 44cm Square Reflector is a lightweight and robust reflector with a wide and even illumination. It can be used without the grid for Table-Top, Still-Life and Portrait photography.


This was an old favourite among both still-life and portrait photographers. It produces a soft but very controlled area of light. Very similar to the 44cm Softlite, but with a straight fall off.


In addition, the optional barndoor can control any unwanted light spill. Each barndoor leaf can be attached and used with or without the grid. When used with the included grid, this reduces the spread of light, reducing reflections, increasing contrast and colour saturation.


Excessive heat can damage units and accessories. 
Reduce modelling lamp power when reflectors are used with grids or snoots.
Grids should never be used with 650W modelling lamps.

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