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Elinchrom Quadra Hi-Sync Head (HS Head) (20153)

Price: £370.00
Weight: 0.500 Kgs
Code: 20153

The HS head is specifically dedicated to Hi-Sync.

If you want to go with the ELB 400 portable battery flash, you’ll have to choose between 3 flash heads: the Pro, the Action and the HS head.

When you want to shoot and overpower the sun for a portrait or to stop the motion completely, you should opt for the HS heads in combination with the EL-Skyport Plus HS transmitter.

  • 50 W equivalent daylight balanced and bright LED modelling lamp
  • Super portable, only 0.28 kg
  • Compact size, just 9 x 8 x 11 cm 
  • Interchangeable flash cables
  • Plug-in flashtube
  • Umbrella fitting for EL umbrellas ø 7mm, up to 105 cm diameter
  • Includes a 2.5 m flash cable

Please note: The Hi-Sync feature can only be enabled with the EL-Skyport Plus HS transmitter.

  • Place an order for £1,200.00 + Buy Elinchrom Quadra Hi-Sync Head (HS Head) (20153) or other a product from our Promo Selection to get free shipping.

• In Stock – Available for dispatch today.

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The HS head is specifically dedicated to Hi-Sync photography. The long flash duration allows for the best possible Hi-Sync lighting options, along with the use of the EL-Skyport Plus HS transmitter to sync at high shutter speeds, which are normally limited to 1/200th second.


At full power on an ELB 400, the HS head offers at t0.5 a flash duration of 1/550th second, which is optimized for the least amount of gradation when shooting in Hi-Sync mode. This flash head is also designed to work at virtually any power setting and still provide very evenly lit Hi-Sync exposures. If you are looking to shoot at high shutter speeds using the Hi-Sync technique, this is the flash head you want.


In addition to shooting action, if you want to create portraits with a very shallow depth of field, the HS flash head opens up a whole new world. You can basically choose any aperture and any shutter speed and dial the ELB 400 power pack up or down to control the exposure. Because of this, it is possible to shoot portraits at small apertures like f/1.4, f/2 or f/2.8 without the need for diffusion or neutral density filters. The image below is a good example of this option. The aperture used for this image was f/2.2 with a shutter speed of 1/8000th second.


If you are investing in this system, we would suggest getting the Quadra HS head and the Action head. This will offer the best of both worlds, depending on the the situation.


Delivered with:

  • HS Head
  • Head Cable 2.5m (11001)
  • Reflector 13.5cm (26145)
  • Multifunction Cap (25100)
  • Protective Head Cap (25101)
Power:Elinchrom ELB 400 / Quadra Pack (not included)
Colour temp.:5500 ºK
Modelling light:LED: 50 W (not dimmable)
Size:9 x 8 x 11 cm
Weight:0.28 kg
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